To ensure you have a happy and safe vacation we ask that you take a moment to read through our policies before booking.


All renters must be older than 21 and have a valid driver’s license and proof of auto insurance including policy number for the tow vehicle.


You will be required to have a valid insurance slip for your vehicle that carries $1 Million Liability Coverage. Comprehensive coverage is covered in our rental agreement at no extra charge. We recommend that you contact your insurance company prior to towing the trailer. Most policies include towing a trailer, boat, utility trailer, etc. Customers must sign a waiver to accept responsibility for any damages occurred.

Delivery and Set Up

If your vehicle doesn’t have a hitch we offer to deliver the trailer to your pre-reserved campsite. We will deliver, set it up and take it down at the end of your vacation for a minimum charge of $50 plus mileage calculated @ $1.00/km. Delivery of a trailer is at the discretion and availability of Riverside Rentals. If dumping of tanks is required there is an additional fee of $50.

Popular local parks in the area are www.grandriver.ca, Belwood Lake, Elora Gorge, Guelph Lake. Privately owned parks are Green Acre Park, Waterloo; Binegman’s Camping Resort, K-W; Highland Pines Campground, Fergus; Silent Valley Cottage & RV Resort, Mount Forest; Spring Valley Park Resort, Mount Forest. Delivery, set up and take down to beautiful Grand River Conestoga Lake Campground is $50. No charge for mileage!!

Your Camp Site

Unserviced: The fridge and stove will operate from the propane tank. All electrical options, such as furnace, heated mattress, and interior lights will not.

Serviced: The fridge will operate from a 110V source. You will have the option to use the furnace, heated mattresses, and interior lights and receptacles.

Picking up your Tent Trailer/Shamrock

When you pick up the trailer we will give you a hands on demonstration showing you where everything is, how to set up, take down and operate the equipment. If the trailer is available we give you the option of picking it up the evening before at no extra cost.

*Please watch the Setup Demo on the Flagstaff page* Please ensure your wiring is in working condition in order for brake and running lights to operate. Requirements are a Class II hitch, 2″ ball, 14-18″ ball height. For more information on towing requirements please visit our Requirements page.

Reservations/Rental Payment

A $300.00 for the Flagstaff / $500.00 for the Shamrock booking and administration fee is required at time of reservation. Refundable upon return of unit in good and clean condition. Your damage deposit will be returned after the trailer is inspected within 2 weeks of the rental. Trailers are not released without the damage deposit. For more information about the booking/damage deposit please read our requirements page.

Rental Period

Minimum one week rentals July and August. (Days may be added to a minimum one week rental) Weekend and 3 day minimum daily rentals considered after June 30th based on availability. Three day minimum rental for all trailers and 4 days on long weekends.

One week is considered 7 days/ 6 nights. For example: If a trailer is picked up on Saturday, then return drop off day is Friday. The option to pick up on Friday evening is based on availability and there is no additional charge. Our early pick-up option and anytime back on the return day essentially gives you two extra days. (ie. compared to pick up at 2 pm and drop off before noon). We are unique in offering flexible return times for varied circumstances ie. travel times, special events, long distance trips ie. east coast (minimum 2 week rental) We also offer flexible weeks and you have the option to add extra days to your weekly rental.

Early Returns

All rentals are for a contracted time period. There are no refunds for early returns.

Trailer Awning

Flagstaff: We are unique in offering an awning with a hardtop tent trailer. However, awnings can easily rip and also cause damage to the rooftop. Extreme caution must be taken. Awnings should be rolled up on windy days. When raining, lower the entire awning or one end of the awning to allow run off. Take caution that the top of the door doesn’t interfere with the lowered awning. When unzipping the bag, be sure to hold the awning and ground poles to keep them from falling on you. You may prefer to substitute the awning with a large tarp to avoid any unforeseen damage expense. Shamrock: The Shamrock has a large retractable awning. Video courtesy of Youtube. Trailer awning similar to the Shamrock.

Cleaning Charges

The Lessee shall return the trailer in the same state of cleanliness and general order in which it was received, exceptionally clean. When a trailer is delivered and picked up by Riverside Rentals, the trailer will be left in the same condition as was received.

We pride ourselves in ensuring our trailers are in tip top shape when you arrive. We have limited time to get the trailer ready for the next customer and we sincerely hope you can help by leaving the trailer as clean and as tidy as it was when you received it. Please do a quick review of this checklist before you return the trailer.

Counters Bathtub Floors Toilet Cupboards Table Tops Freezer Washroom Sink Refrigerator Stove Top Microwave Mattresses Storage Areas

Please do not use any abrasive cleaners, pads, brushes or steel wool. Wipe off pine needles(try to avoid parking trailer directly under pine trees as sap leaves a stain that is very difficult to remove). Air dry or gently dry vinyl with towel on pullouts before putting down the trailer. Shamrock Trailer rental: We require that the grey and black tanks be dumped and septic hose clean before return. Failure to comply with the above will result in a damage/cleaning charge. This charge is at the discretion of the Lessor (Riverside Rentals) and will be paid from the damage deposit. Minimum charge is $50. Please also ensure that none of your items are left behind in the trailer.

Lost and Found

We are not responsible for items lost, stolen, or left inside the trailer.

We hope this has answered any questions you may have. Please feel free to email us with any further questions or comments.

THANK YOU!! Thank you for your consideration. We wish you a happy, safe vacation. In our experience, RV people are the nicest people and we look forward to meeting you and making your camping experience the very best possible!!

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